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With a history dating back to 2004, Integrated Risk Insurance Brokers Ltd. is one of the India's leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services. Operating through a national network of offices, integrated.™ offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to clients. including: Risk Management Solutions, Claims Consulting. Insurance Placement & Services.

The knowledge that integrated.™ team has gained in its more than decades of working with many of the top insurance companies in the world allows us to provide our clients with the guidance and high-quality performance they deserve. Our solution focused commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients ass res the delivery of the most innovative insurance products, services, and thinking in the industry

We are backed by the most competent team, resources, industry knowledge, technical knowledge and our professionals help the clients with a wide range of Insurance Products and Solutions. We are acting as a know-how partner to our client and we have the right expertise required to deal with any situation or issues related to the insurance.

The Leadership team at integrated.™comprises of highly skilled, versatile people with proven-track record. We call them our 'Brand Ambassadors'. They influence us. They integrate us.


Welcome to our Integrated Risk Insurance Brokers Portal, where we prioritize your convenience. With this portal, corporate employees have the freedom and flexibility to manage their group insurance benefits effortlessly. Update member details, initiate claims, track claim status, find network hospitals, and contact our support team, all in one place. We believe in simplifying your insurance experience, putting you in control of your coverage. Your well-being matters, and our portal is designed to make accessing and managing your insurance benefits a breeze. Experience the ease of insurance management - log in today and take charge of your coverage.


Simplify dependent enrollment with our user-friendly platform. Easily enroll your dependents in our insurance plans today.


Easily endorse dependents on your insurance policy. Streamlined process for adding family members to your coverage. Simplify it today.


Effortless claims processing. Get the support you need for a smooth and quick claims experience. We're here to assist you.

Network Hospitals

Discover nearby network hospitals. Access quality care within our extensive network of healthcare providers for your medical needs.


Access your E-card instantly. Your electronic insurance card is just a click away for easy access when you need it.


Access comprehensive reports. Gain insights and data on your insurance coverage and claims with our detailed reporting tools.


In the insurance employee benefit sector, the four core approaches are health and wellness coverage, financial security, work-life balance support, and professional development opportunities, ensuring comprehensive employee well-being and satisfaction.

Health and Wellness Coverage

Comprehensive health insurance packages, encompassing medical, dental, and vision plans, are essential for promoting employee well-being. These benefits ensure that employees have access to quality healthcare, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and preventive services, enhancing their physical and mental health while fostering job satisfaction and loyalty.

Financial Security

Employee benefit plans that prioritize financial security include retirement options like 401(k) plans with employer contributions, stock options, and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). These benefits empower employees to secure their financial futures, invest in company success, and manage expenses efficiently, enhancing overall job satisfaction and loyalty.

Work-Life Balance Support

Employee benefit packages that emphasize work-life balance offer paid time off, flexible work arrangements, and family leave options. These benefits enable employees to manage personal and professional commitments, resulting in improved job satisfaction, reduced burnout, and greater work-life harmony.

Professional Development Opportunities

Employee benefits encompass tuition assistance, training programs, and career advancement pathways. These benefits empower employees to pursue further education, develop skills, and advance within the organization. This fosters growth, engagement, and long-term commitment, benefitting both employees and employers.

Frequently Asked Questioins

Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to employee benefits in insurance. That FAQs provide valuable insights into employee benefits within the Insurance context, serving as a helpful resource for employees and employers alike.

  • Yes, enrollment occurs on the portal, and users can update their demographic details during the enrollment process.

  • Yes, in specific circumstances, endorsement is also allowed on this portal after enrollment.

  • Yes, you can both view and download live Claim data, Ecards, information about Network Hospitals, and Demographic data here.

  • Yes, you can access Claim Documents, Policy Benefits, Contact Information, and various other documents through the portal.

  • Yes, there is a ticket module on this portal that allows a user to track their ticket, and there is also a specified time frame for the support team to resolve the ticket.

  • The portal offers various modules that facilitate data viewing, downloading, and further processing in accordance with the point of service.